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Keeping Patients Engaged in Clinical Trials During Times of Uncertainty
Webinar on April 30th

We recently collaborated with SnapIoT, Intereview IRB and Clincloud to engage our audience in a conversation about decentralized clinical trial services.

Dr. Graham Wylie, CEO at MRN, provided attendees with:

  • An overview of the value of Home Trial Support (HTS)
  • The best trials and visits for HTS services
  • How HTS can integrate with other services to deliver a variety of different visits
  • How MRN is responding to Covid-19
  • Considerations for protocol design

Listen to the full webinar here.

Webinar Learning objectives

  • Compare innovative methods to keep study patients engaged in the COVID-19 environment
  • Assess new ideas on "remote clinic visits" to maintain a continuous flow of data from study patients
  • Explore utilizing telemedicine to support patient engagement, consent, assessments and comprehension for continuity during COVID-19
  • Evaluate various use cases that keep patients engaged in remote clinical trial models
  • Examine home nursing models for physical examinations and sample collection
  • Use IRB recommended practices to support progress in a COVID-19 research environment
Posted by:
Laura Lange
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