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From 4 to 140: How MRN became one of Britain's top growing companies
The first in our Business Growth Blog Series written by our CEO Dr Graham Wylie

MRN was recently listed on the London Stock Exchange's annual '1000 Companies to Inspire Britain' 2019 report. This is an independent third-party assessment of MRN statutory accounts filed at companies house and required no action on behalf of MRN. In fact, the first time we heard about it was when we were told we were on the list! While we had felt we were one of the highest growth companies in the UK, to have that independently verified was very gratifying. The London Stock Exchange is a world-class organization whose conclusions carry a lot of credibility.

The MRN story is now 13 years long. Over these past 13 years, we have achieved a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 32% per annum, taking us from a turnover of just under £250k in 2006 to an expected 2019 figure of £19-20 million. In that time, we have grown from 4 to 140 people.

Below are some of the major milestones in MRNs growth story, charting our progress from a single office, single country operation to one that works in over 40 countries and has affiliate offices in Chicago USA, Madrid Spain and Stuttgart Germany. By the end of this year, we will have conducted over 40,000 visits and looked after more than 4000 patients. Browsing through is the simplest way to capture the essence of our growth.

It is not possible to be definitive about the reasons why MRN has grown from a single desk in someone else's office to running the whole building of nearly 30,000sq ft. However, in the rest of this blog series, I will lay out some ideas which we believe have been critical.

Why write about any of this? Well, lots of reasons actually. The people at MRN work incredibly hard and it is meaningful to us all to celebrate our success. Furthermore, it is the job of the Board to keep MRN constantly vibrant as a business to protect our business into the future, safeguarding the community and the jobs within it. Our customers also want to know we are a well run, stable business with a long-term sustainable future.

This series of blogs will cover our principles. How and why we have targeted growth, how we look at our purpose, vision and mission and our attitude to culture and our people.

But for now, it is my job to congratulate all the past and present MRN staff who have provided the underlying drive to make this happen. In particular, I want to thank the rest of the original founders - Stuart Redding (now our COO), Paul Bodfish (VP of Corporate Services) and Helena Baker (VP of Clinical Strategy) - who, with me, believed this was an idea that was going to go somewhere, and are still here today making it happen.



Posted by:
Toby Heath
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