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Emerging Trends in Virtual Clinical Trials that you should know about.
Our key takeaways from Mobile in Clinical Trials and DPharm 2019 in Boston.

The experts met in Boston last week, here are the takeaways:

There are two trends emerging in the virtual trial/digital technology world that we saw firsthand at this year’s Mobile in Clinical Trials and Dpharm events. Based on the presentations and conversations we had these are the two things we can expect to see more of in the future: 

  1. The push for adoption – everyone brought this message to both events.  There is a strong feeling of moving away from piloting and at MRN we want to extend our message to adopt and to advocate.  The industry leaders need to move into a more demanding advocacy role within their companies and work with sites to adopt the changes needed to adopt the changes that are necessary to create virtual clinical trials.  We can’t be stuck in pilots-Ville anymore.
  1. There is a growing interest in the use of mobile technology in clinical trials that have two main functions. The first function is to use the technology to bring standard processes into the community so that patients can be treated at home.  This has been piloted and the industry should be ready to more fully adopt and accept this type of use. The second is that we are seeing a greater demand for digital medical endpoints which are much harder to validate and the challenge to get this type of use adopted is significantly greater.  We need to separate these two functions out and work to get what is already well understood out and part of standard practice.  We also need to continue to work to understand and pilot the less well understood, more complex components when using this technology for clinical trials.

So how does MRN play a role in all of this? SPOILER ALERT! Technology can’t do everything.

We have worked with early adopters of virtual trials that brought the entire trial to the community via mobile technology and MRN nursing services.  At MRN, we provide highly skilled and trained nurses to perform clinical trial visits in the home. When paired with a mobile application we have shown that we are able to provide our customer with a 100% virtual trial.  This innovative and first of its kind project was difficult to implement, and we walked away from the experience with not only a success story, but a lot of lessons learned.  We want to move the industry into a world where clinical trials are offered in the community and to do that, we all must be open to sharing best practices and open to collaborating.  We need to think of this not only inefficiencies for us but also for our patients.  Our patients deserve services that are the right mix for them and will get them through a clinical trial safely and with the reduced burden. In the spirit of collaboration and sharing, we would like to share our most recent case study with you.

Click here to read our lessons learned from implementing a 100% virtual clinical trial.

Posted by:
Toby Heath
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