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Running the Berlin Marathon for Breast Cancer Now
Hear from Vonnie Pella on being part of the team gearing up to run the Berlin Marathon

My mother always said, “never say never”. I guess I really should have listed to her advice because I am now having to eat my words.  My last blog post was about how I would be a “one marathon kind of girl”. Turns out that is false. Clearly, the marathon truly addled my brain, as less than 2 months after crossing the finish line in Chicago, I clicked submit for the entry application to the 2019 Berlin Marathon.

My boyfriend thinks I am mental, and to be honest, he probably isn’t wrong.  He watched me struggle through 18 weeks of training, encouraged me back onto the course at mile 24 when I was having a little cry because of how terrible the race was, and listened to me talk for days about how I hated the marathon and would never do it again. However, I am approaching marathon 2 with a whole new perspective – I know what to expect, I know I can cover the distance, and I know how important it is to push through the hard training days.

I just finished week 5 of training and this year could not be more different from last year. I feel great! I am enjoying running, and the best part is that I am getting faster. It is amazing how much of an impact on my mentality, expectations, and knowledge have on the training experience. Hopefully, this keeps up!

Berlin Marathon is on 29th September 2019. I will be running with most of the old gang from last year: Elaine, Charlotte, and Nic.  We also managed to recruit a new teammate, Heather. This time, we are raising money for Breast Cancer Now. They are a great charity and do so much to support breast cancer research as well as the women and men who are currently fighting this terrible disease. Any and all donations are welcome!

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Toby Heath
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