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MRN and Patient Centricity - Our History
Hear from our COO, Stuart Redding on our lifelong patient centricity focus

Patient centricity isn't new, MRN has been pioneering this concept since we were established in 2006.

We've always considered the patient to be the pivotal stakeholder in any trial and that's why our Home Trial Support (HTS) service is aimed at allowing them to be seen in locations that are convenient to them (home, work, school, etc.), reducing the burden of a clinical trial by making it convenient; less time-consuming trips to the site, less time in traffic, less time trying to park and more time at home allowing the trial infrastructure to deliver them better care.

This also provides benefits for the sites, as offering Home Trial Support visits to the patient makes them more likely to consent. It allows sites to enrol patients from further away and to manage a larger pool of patients themselves, with less on-site visits to manage. Not only have we seen recruitment rates increase by 60% or more, we also regularly see retention rates of 95% plus on trials where HTS is utilised.

Patients like receiving care where they are most comfortable - "I think it's important when you're dealing with health issues, to have some sort of comfort and normality."Most patients we asked reported "great experiences" with their HTS nurse, some even went as far as to say "My NP - my nurse practitioner - I love her. I'd rather see her than my actual doctor."

These are just some of the reasons that we do what we do. The benefits to the patient are numerous.

For our customers (Sponsors & CROs) we deliver faster recruitment of patients, with better retention, which ensures the trials can complete faster, with better data and ultimately get new medicines to market sooner. Which of course, we all do for the patients.

I was one of the original founders of MRN, working with our CEO, Dr Graham Wylie, as he led a management buyout from Healthcare at Home in 2006. I'm proud of what we've achieved over the years, growing to offices in four countries (UK, US, Spain and now, Germany) with over 120 employees and offering our services in over 40 countries. We've achieved all this while remaining as patient-centric as possible, making sure that patients and sites are engaged and experiencing the best quality care that they deserve.

MRN nurses are high calibre, locally qualified and registered, robustly trained and are experienced in a variety of procedures that can take place in the home. We've had some amazing stories about our nurses, such as when we recently had a nurse go above and beyond to make sure a visit could go ahead for a patient, even during a bad storm and weather warnings. You can read more about that in our recent press release here.

Community-based clinical trials are the future, pushing more and more patient care away from centralised sites and allowing the patients increased access and choice of their treatments. Technology will widen the scope of what MRN can offer in home and local treatment centres will cover those assessments that cannot be mobilised.

Keep an eye out for our future blogs in this series where we'll be discussing the current challenges and changes happening in connection with patient centricity and finally a blog from Dr. Graham Wylie who'll talk more about our vision for the future of clinical trials by discussing the hybrid model and explaining more in-depth the benefits of community based clinical trials.


This blog is the first in our new series about Patient Centricity - you can view our content hub and stay up-to-date on the latest news, developments and updates from us here.


All quotes taken from a recent event where we spoke to patients about their experiences using our services, the event was held in partnership with CISCRP.

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Toby Heath
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