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MRN Top 5 Articles of February 2019
The latest clinical trials news

Another month's flown by in 2019, and here's a look at some of what we think are the key topics in the clinical trials market for February. We've got the usual mix of topics such as community-based trials, virtual trials, innovation, patient centricity and news from the market. You can see our featured articles below:

1. PRA teams with CISCRP for trial result summaries

Written by Maggie Lynch for Outsourcing-Pharma, this article looks at an exciting change for clinical trials that are expected to happen next year - plain language trial results.

2. The Art of Leadership

AstraZeneca's Regina Fritsche Danielson shares her wisdom on what being a leader in the pharma market looks like and other topics such as diversity, culture and where she sees the industry heading.

3. Is the Rare Disease Business Model Here to Stay?

In this article from PharmaVoice's February edition, Scott Hibbard from Beacon Healthcare Communications talks about the challenges and the benefits of rare disease trials such as the small pool of patients or competitive trial indications, and how working with advocacy groups may be the way forward.

4. The Rise of Virtual Pharma

In this article, Dr. Tony Flinn reflects on the rise of virtual business models in biopharma, particularly in science-based CROs and what the key characteristics that pharma are looking for.

5. How an Advocacy Group Elevates the Patient Voice in Research and Clinical Trials

Steven Gibson, CEO of the Lupus Foundation of America talks us through the importance that patient advocacy groups play in clinical trials in his guest column for Clinical Leader. Looking at the work that's already been done to put the patient first, but what else still needs to be done in the move to be ever more patient-centric. 

Let us know on our LinkedIn and Twitter page which of these was the most interesting for you!

Posted by:
Toby Heath
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