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MRN Top 5 Articles of January 2019
The latest clinical trial news

With a new year underway, we wanted to share our top 5 articles of January. As always, we try and cover a mix of different topics including, community-based trials, virtual trials, innovation, patient centricity and news from the market. Take a look at our featured articles below:

1. Janssen to use Apple Watch for AFib

Written by Anna Smith for PharmaTimes, this article discusses the new heart health app from Johnson & Johnson which will be studied using the Apple watch to see if it can accelerate diagnosis and improve health outcomes in AFib populations. The study will be launching later in 2019 in the U.S. and will certainly be one to watch.

2. Artificial Intelligence: Molecule to Market

This deep dive into the ever-expanding capabilities of AI really touches on the different ways it can be used to enhance the clinical trials industry. From its impact on R&D to patient recruitment, Denise Myshko and Robin Robinson cover off everything you need to know.

3. How Can Government Promote Orphan Disease Research?

In this article from December 2018, Ed Miseta talks about the challenges currently facing Orphan Diseases and the changes in this indication that Mallory Factor is pushing for in both the U.S. and Europe.

4. Growing Pains

Hugh Gosling talks about the ongoing struggle to include patients in the research process in the right way, and what organizations are doing to improve patient participation.

5. Making the most of patient engagement

Barbara Lopez Kunz, Global Chief Executive of DIA, talks us through the changes in incorporating the voice of the patient and their experience data into clinical development and how that process has changed over the last decade and continues to change now.


Let us know on our LinkedIn or Twitter page which of these was the most interesting for you!

Posted by:
Zara Broadfield
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