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MRN Top 6 Articles of November 2018
The latest clinical trials news

Welcome to our first ever top 6 articles of the month – it’s a 6-article special including a unique insight into one of our VP’s lives’ from her perspective as a patient. But don’t worry, you’ll still get the usual mix of different topics such as; community-based trials, virtual trials, innovation, patient centricity and any other news from the market. Check out this month’s featured articles here:

1. How to connect the common goals of varying clinical trial stakeholders

Written by Melissa Fassbender for Outsourcing-Pharma. Melissa interviews Nicholas Brooke (founder of PFMD) before PCT Europe about what patient engagement looks like for sponsors, CROs, etc. and what lies ahead as patients become ever more empowered.

2. How a Simple ‘Thank you’ could improve clinical trials

This is an editorial piece by, which looks at Pfizer’s research into improving their clinical trials and the results were clear; researchers should say thank you. The article then goes deeper into how patients are now seen more as partners in research and how increasing engagement is key – all patients and their carers deserve thanks.

3. Overcome the Challenges of an Ultra-Rare Disease Trial

Written by Ed Miseta for Clinical Leader. Ed looks at ArQule’s efforts to tackle Proteus Syndrome and the challenges of developing drugs for ultra-rare diseases. He talks about Dr Brian Schwartz’s knowledge and experience who also sites the important roles that patient advocacy groups play in these trials.

4. Innovate or bust: why the ‘I’ word is key to tackling global health pandemics

Written by Ishtar Schneider at PharmaTimes. Ishtar looks at how innovation has become an overused word that isn’t truly delivered; but could it be the key to tackling the world’s major health pandemics? Ishtar then uses TB as an example of something we’ve been fighting for over 40 years, but how now, finally new innovations are starting to create a shift in the way forward.

5. Putting Patients First – E-Consent in Clinical Trials

This is written by MassDevice. In this article, MassDevice look at the effect e-consent can have on trials, such as reducing cumbersome activities, making patient enrolment more efficient and helping study start-ups become quicker – this is the future and it’s here to stay, it’s not just a luxury anymore.

6. Living with Fibular Hemimelia

This is a special article to us here at MRN, and especially for Helena Baker – our VP of Clinical Services – who’s interviewed by for a feature in their ‘Patient Experience’ piece in the November 2018 edition of Pharmafocus. She talks about her rare disease and how her experiences have shaped her and her desires to help others.

Posted by:
Toby Heath
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