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Clinical Trial Innovation
Not just about technology

In the June '18 edition of PharmaVoice our CEO Dr Graham Wylie discussed 'virtual' trials and how community based trials fit into the current clinical trials market. 'Virtual' trials are seen as the new innovative move within clinical research, but does this just encompass new technology?

MRN's solutions are people-based, allowing patients to be seen in the community (reducing the burden on them of site visits) which, in turn, speeds up trials and keeps the patients on them. Sponsors lose approximately $1.3 million in prescription sales for each day that a drug is delayed, so keeping patients happy and on a trial is hugely important to improve this.1 

Everything we do is with a patient centric lense, for us the innovation comes from making the patient more central to the clinical trial process.

We can create technology to support a lot of the data collection processes within a trial visit, but if it doesn't benefit the patient, and they don't want to use it, will it really help in the long run with recruitment, enrollment and retention?

Of course innovation and the current challenges within clinical trials are far more complicated, but putting the patient (and not the technology) at the centre of the trials, is the best way to improve the process for everyone.

To read Dr Graham Wylie's article "Community-Based Clinical Trials - The New 'Virtual' click here


1 = Dr Graham Wylie, CEO, Medical Research Network. Community-Based Clinical Trials - The New "Virtual"

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Zara Broadfield
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