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Proud to be a Great British Business

We are honored to be included and showcased as a Great British Business in the upcoming “Great British Business Campaign” distributed by the Telegraph Media Group. For MRN the campaign is not only a great opportunity to promote our organization, but it also gives us a opportunity to shine a spotlight on small and medium sized businesses, and their importance for the UK economy.

The usual definition of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) is any business with fewer than 250 employees. There were 5.7 million SMEs in the UK in 2017, which was over 99% of businesses.1 Not only do SMEs deliver jobs, growth and financial security for millions of people across the UK, they also play a fundamental role in driving our economy forwards.

SMEs are the biggest job creator in the UK, they account for 99.3% of all private sector business at the start of 2016. Total employment in SMEs in 2016 was 15.7 million; 60% of all private sector employment in the UK. In comparison, there are between 25-27 million small business in the US that account for 60 – 80% of all US jobs.2

MRN is proud to be a British based SME, working hard to expand its global reach and impact. With over 150 employees, and offices in the UK, USA and Spain, as well as a year on year growth of around 40%, we are confident in continuing successes as we expand further around the globe.

Watch this space for more information about MRN and the Great British Business Campaign.




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Zara Broadfield
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