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Patient Safety:
“the prevention of harm to patients.”

Patient safety has been defined by the Institute of Medicine as “the prevention of harm to patients.” Emphasis is placed on the system of care delivery that (1) prevents errors; (2) learns from the errors that do occur; and (3) is built on a culture of safety that involves health care professionals, organizations, and patients


MRN embraces all three into our daily processes when supporting and conducting clinical trials.


Maintaining patient well-being during clinical trials is at the core of what we do at MRN. The clinical team ensures safety through the prevention, reduction, reporting, and analysis of actual or potential errors that may lead to adverse events.

Before we accept to participate in a community based trial, we consider the life of the IP in relation to any testing conducted on both animals and humans. The general safety of the IP is documented by the pharma company that created it. Consequently, we rely on the integrity of these reports to assess the tasks that can be conducted in the home without compromising patient safety or trial data. We not only review the safety data of the investigational products but also the adverse effects that have been experienced by subjects in preceding stages of the trial. This helps our nurses on the ground to be inclined to potential adverse events they will need to be on the lookout for. Information is captured in our source documents and enables regular review and analyses of any trends. By analysing any unfavourable outcomes, we encounter, we can share best practice and implement solutions that will prevent recurrence of these events.


It is said that human well-being involves the physical, emotional and mental health aspect of a person. Although, we may not be able to support the emotional and mental health needs of a clinical trial subject, our nurses are trained to be observant and to flag up any concerns they have regarding these aspects.

Posted by:
Laura Lange
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