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Patients are...

National Patient Recognition week gives us the opportunity to share what patients mean to us. Patients are fundamental to the work we do, and all we do is focused on making the life of patients, especially those taking part in clinical trials, easier.

So many of the team were keen to share what patients mean to them personally, here is what they had to say...

 "Patients are people and all people need care. Clinical trial patients are people who are contributing to the care quality of other patients." Zoe Uzzell, Non-Clinical Country Lead


"Patients are the reason to get out of bed in the morning when it is cold, dark and raining. Working in clinical research in roles that are not patient facing can make it hard to really understand the suffering that individuals endure, and the life changing benefits for current and future patients; their families and friends that arise from advances in medicine through clinical research." Sue Lafferty, Executive Director - Pharmacy and Regulatory


"Patients are our ultimate priority." Tahereh Kamalati, Project Manager Associate


 "Patients are the centre of healthcare." Jessica England, Business Analyst


"Patients are the reason I chose a career in nursing and research." Esther Maloney, Head of Business Development EUA


"Patients are someons mum, dad, child, brother, sister or friend. Treat them as you would wish your family and friends to be treated." Louise Catterall, Project Manager


 "Patients are our top priority, the patient's perception is our reality." Susan Nagarapu, Data Co-ordinator


"Patients are the "engine". Health care services, Health Practicioners and Researchers are in place to keep the engine running as smoothly and effortlessly as possible." Kimberly Woodson, Research Nurse Manager


 "Patients are trusting" Charlotte Geen, Proposal and Contracts Assocaite


What do patients mean to you?


Posted by:
Zara Broadfield
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