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Addressing your concerns on Site Nurse Support

Do you have any of the following challenges:

  • Limited resources?
  • Limited knowledge?
  • Sites that are failing to recruit enough patients?
  • Sites who haven't run clinical trials before?
  • Inability to take on sites that require too much support?
  • Concerns about accountability?

MRN have been providing our Site Nurse Support service for over 10 years and in that time we've seen and heard all of the above concerns and more. Our team experience speaks for itself, but let's answer some of the most frequent concerns we have come across directly.

Limited resource - MRN specialize in co-ordination of international teams of nurses working across many sites, offering services from patient identification, dosing and ongoing trial conduct, through to CRF completion and investigation site file maintenance.

Limited knowledge - All our nurses and study co-ordinators are fully trained in ICH GCP as well as study specific training, ensuring they have up to date and full knowledge on everything they need for your specific study.

Sites who are failing to recruit enough patients or sites who haven't run clinical trials before - MRN has been involved with many sites that identified as having recruitment challenges or that had limited experience of either the clinical trial process, or the specific indication that the trial was focusing on. Here is one of many case studies that gives you more information on how we can help.

Inability to take on sites that require too much support - With us you have one point of contact for all the nurses and study co-ordinators that we provide. We work not only with you but also directly with the sites to ensure a joined up process all the way through.

Concerns about accountability - All our visits and activities are tracked, scheduled and reported with regular reports and meetings. This ensures you are in complete control and have all of the information you need, at all times.


If you have any other concerns that we haven't addressed, please contact us and we can discuss them together today. Site Nurse Support won't be the right solution for every clinical trial, but our expert team will be able to direct you to a solution that is.

Posted by:
Zara Miles
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